Idea for Digikam screen or companion app

I have an idea for a new screen in Digikam, or maybe a stand-alone companion app, and I was wondering if anyone else felt it might be useful, too.

First, a little story… I consider myself a landscape photographer because that’s what I love shooting. Recently though, I’ve been shooting more and more portraits. Enough portraits the I’m thinking about getting a prime lens for portraits. I also wondered if there was any overlap between my landscape work and portraiture work when it comes to focal lengths and apertures.

Here’s where my idea comes in. It would be nice to have a filterable screen showing the most common bodies, lenses, focal lengths, and apertures used for a given time frame. It would help me easily answer the questions above without having to go through multiple images to look at and write down the metadata, and then tally it all up in a spreadsheet.

What do you think? Would something like this be useful to you in Digikam? Being able to look at the bodies, lenses, focal length, and F-stop to see if a new lens is good idea? See if you’re stuck in a shooting rut of the same focal length and aperture?

Luckily for me I’m also a computer geek, so I was able to export the metadata from the Digikam DB into Excel and create a pivot table to answer my questions. But it got me thinking about others who may not have technical computer background to run SQL queries to get the data.