IIQ to Tiff conversion

Hello, First time poster here. I am was looking for a tool that I could use to simply convert IIQ files to tiffs with a pathway to be able to script the conversion of thousands of IIQs. I was happy to find Darktable supported IIQs and it looks like I can achieve my goal with the Lua scripting functionality but once I dropped my IIQs into Darktable I was greeted with a message " …Please check that the camera model that produced the image is supported" The exif reports my camera model as iXM-RS150F and that model doesn’t appear to be in the list although other phase one cameras are.

Is there some work around that anybody is aware of or does this fall under a Feature Request for the Devs.

Thank you very much for the support!
Much appreciated.

Do you have the RGB or aerochrome version?

The data set I am testing with is from the RGB version.

AFAICT, there are no samples for this model on RPU, so it’ll have to go through the regular camera support request procedure.

Please note you’ll like have to upload the two (or however many) possible raw output variants your camera produces.

Awesome thank you for that. I submitted some samples from the iXM-RS150F and iXM-100 as well as submitted a new camera request.

Thanks again for the guidance everybody!

That said, IMHO there is no easy way to add support for these as they are not photography cameras - darktable relies on Adobe’s DNG conversion color matrices, which seem also not supported/available for non-photographic Phase One cameras…

All good, I figured it was a long shot but I appreciate the detailed explanation.

Btw, have you maybe tried opening these w/ rawpy (basically same as this but in Python)?

I have not but I will investigate! thank you!