I'm coming for you

Here’s one I took a couple of days ago, that I actually like.
I used a vintage 135mm f/2.8 mounted on a Sony a6000 (APS-C sensor, so about 200 f/4 in 35mm terms). Nailing the focus is quite a challenge, but it’s very fun to use – which is what matters to me in the end. What do you think? Thanks in advance!


I feel like 1 step back or so might have been better but I like it … also that you have almost B+W background and color foreground is nice :smiley:


I love it! If I were picky I’d say that it unfortunate that the donkey’s ear is cut off.
But I think the composition is powerful and I like the perspective compression given by the long focal length.

@agriggio Alberto, great shot. The only thing I miss is a laughing Donkey face (as in my Avatar)

Well done!

First thought after seeing the title:

I’m coming for you.
Are you now?

I prefer a slightly brighter image[1] and a slightly higher perspective.

[1] But maybe that would overexpose the jacket.

Good fun shot that tells a story. I agree with @darix…one step back and that donkey would be happier with how his/her ear turned out. Personally, I like the exposure level…I think it helps to set the mood.


Thanks everybody for the comments! I agree that a couple of steps back would have helped – I still need to learn properly how to use long primes…

They were not laughing, but they were definitely happy to have a bunch of little kids eagerly trying to feed them all the time :slight_smile:

thanks, that’s what I tried to emphasize with my postprocessing (global desaturation with a mask to protect the red jacket).

Nice image. Apart from the incomplete ear (as others have pointed out already), I think that the missing catch light in the eyes of donkeys makes them a bit lifeless. Especially the shortest one on the right side of the kid.

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What are the camera settings?
I’m curious if it would have been possible to bring the donkeys into focus… or even if it would have been better to do so…
Anyway, beautiful image.

going from memory, around 1/250 and f/5.6

certainly, but that would be a different picture. the goal here was to focus on the kid “going after” the donkeys (with tongue-in-cheek of course)