I'm stuck in GIMP!

I’ve opened an XCF image with two layers, opened a small PNG image as a new layer and I can’t move it. I can rotate it, select the area it’s in using the rectangle tool, but I can’t just click on the layer the PNG is in or on the PNG itself and move it. Anyone have Zoom? I can share my screen and show you.

I can imagine it’s a five second fix but I can’t figure it out.

Hi and welcome!
Could you upload a screendump of the Layers area?
Have fun,
Claes in Lund, Sweden

@Claes, wish granted.

As shown, the scaling tool is enabled. Outer rectangle is the XCF file. Pink is the current Mary Kay catalog cover which I am trying to open as a layer, rotate, and resize as necessary to cover up the previous catalogs.

Using the Move tool has been 100% unsuccessful.

Thanks, @carlbro,
Unfortunately, that did not make me any wiser :frowning:
Could you perhaps ship the entire thingy to me
as a private msg? (Just click on my avatar and select “Message”)

PS: Operating system???
PPS: Only suspicious thing is that the top layer is not visible.
PPPS: Aha! You have the scale tool active. Click Scale,
select move tool, and you will be able to move the layer. Or?

You just need to select the right tool to move the layer. from your screenshot, of gimp, in the tool icons, it is the first tool in the second row. that one will move layers. it looks like a plus sign with arrows at the tips

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You can move things with the scale tool, just drag the center point.

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Can you make a screenshot with the Tool options showing?

By the way, if you try to replace one “Mary Kay” with another, the Unified Transform is better, because you do the scale+rotate in one single operation, and you get less blur. Typically you would align one corner on source and target, move the transformation center there, and the scale/rotate around that center.

I’ve had the Move tool selected but it wasn’t moving anything. What I didn’t have set correctly was the ‘mode’ (?) Move >Layer vs Move >Selection vs Move >Path.

I finally figured it out while trying to do my second screenshot. Thanks EVERYONE! AND have a good week!


Which why showing the Tool options is useful when you ask such questions :slight_smile:

My brain was fried by that time. Excellent advice. Thanks to everyone who pitched in with answers.

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I tried that several times but the sub-menu was set to moving a selection, not a layer. Thanks for your input.