Image cropped when opened

I’ve been using RawTherapee for awhile now. But today all of a sudden every single RAW image I’m opening up is cropped along the top and bottom, so much so that all I see is a long horizontal rectangle. I can’t figure out what is going on and/or what I can reset.

I see another user posted this same problem about a month ago. And the reply was to download a “nightly build”. I have no idea what that is. I did just download 5.8 again and reinstalled. While that solved another question, it is still opening up the files truncated at the top and bottom.

Thank you for that. i did find that list of downloads after I posted. But I have no idea which one I should be using for basic Win10 machine (Surface Laptop2).

Also for a brief moment, files suddenly started opening up whole. Then that stopped after about 2 or 3 of them and went back truncated. I should probably just go back and use Photoshop.

What processor do you have in the laptop?

The generic version should work, that one isn’t cpu depended in any way. At the moment that would be this one:


Intel(R) Core™ i5-8250 CPU @ 1.6 ghz, 1800 mhz, 4 core(s), 8 logical processors

Do you have any idea why this started all of a sudden? I’ve been using RT for well over a year and it only started truncating yesterday.

erp, I don’t know how to handle a .7z file.

Get the app called 7zip and installed it.

Apply the neutral profile…is it still cropped…if not you may have accidently modified something in your profiles??

I can think of 2 reasons why this happens:

  1. There’s something about your latest RAWs that the old, stable 5.8 does not like. Remember: stable 5.8 is old and might not support gear that was released after February 2020. This is a common problem and it is why we (strongly) suggest people to use one of the latest pre-build develop versions. You don’t mention if you have a new(er) camera and this behaviour has started at the time you tried editing those RAWs.
    Hopefully you are able to install a newer version with all the info given in the previous replies.

  2. RawTherapee does not apply any cropping by itself on RAWs it can deal with (see point 1). If RT does do this then it is the user that, be it consciously or not, has instructed RT to do so. This can be done via the dynamic rules or be part of a auto applied profile. Easy way to test this is selecting the neutral profile in the following pull-down menu:
    If the crop disappears then something is auto applied.

I would suggest installing a newer RT first and go from there.

Use the skylake version


I opened another file, it was truncated. I then changed the profile to neutral and it was still truncated, but then the next file I opened was whole. As was the next and the next. Although each time I opened it was to “Last saved” not “Neutral”. I have no idea what happened but it seems to have fixed it.

Yes, I do know of 7zip, I didn’t remember it was a 7z format, but I think I might leave things as they are for now as long as I have it working.

And to answer the question about “new gear” yes, I bought a Fuji X100v late last year. But again, I have been opening the RAF files it produces for a good year and haven’t had this problem until yesterday. So I guess maybe I messed things up. I admit I’m still groping in the dark with a lot of things about Raw Therapee. I find the menu design very odd and I still haven’t gotten used to it. So I probably clicked on something I shouldn’t have.

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO REPLIED! I hope I didn’t test your patience too much. :o)


Glad you got it sorted …the profiles are powerful but it is easy if you are experimenting or testing features to tweak something…glad to hear it is sorted in the end…

Not sure if you also have the underlying issue sorted out that applies this crop: Having to each time select neutral profile after loading a new and unedited RAW is a bit of a pain and not needed at all.

It isn’t all that hard to set up a base profile that is applied to each (new and unedited) RAW that you open. This will give you a good starting point for your actual edits and makes your editing experience nicer.

I can tell you myself how to do it, but Andy Astbury has made a video about this: Do this first to speed up your RawTherapee workflow. He also explains why you need/want to set certain options (Do read his I Forgot Something part in the description).