Image editors on Linux?


There are a lot of open source video editors available for Linux: Kdenlive, Pitivi, Openshot, Olive, Blender VSE, Shotcut, Flowblade, Cinelerra, and a bunch more.

However, as far as image editors go, I only know of GIMP. (I’m talking manipulation of raster images, not digital creation or vector image editors)

Are there any alternative to GIMP on Linux? Is it much more difficult to develop an image editor compared to a video editor? (In terms of available libraries, etc.)

Thanks for your feedback!

P.S.: This message is not a troll. I’m a long term user of GIMP, and I’m just curious about the “under the hood” side as well as the lack of alternatives.

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Thanks for the quick answer!

I realized my message wasn’t very clear. GIMP allows me not only to work on pictures, but also to add text, work with paths to create shapes, and many other things that allow me to create posters, flyers, banners, etc.

I don’t think Photoflow and RAW editors are really made for this use case. I’ve never used Krita for this either, seeing it as a digital painting software before all…

MyPaint and Pinta

Yeah, Photoflow and RAW editor could be classified as exclusively for photo-manipulation whereas GIMP and Krita are both more on the all-around use cases despite how they’re seen by others. Krita has vector layers, and a complete nondestructive workflow (clone layers, adjustment layers and masks, file layers, transform mask) with the lack of thereof foreground extraction tools and few filters. At least Krita now has a smart magnetic selection tool, so a foreground extraction tool may be possible.

You forgot to mention Photoflare. That too.

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You did too :wink:

I come up with most of this off the top of my head.



I actually didn’t know Krita had so many features. I’ll give it a try next time I need to create a postcard or a flyer. does have a nice page with links to all kinds of software

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It’s definitely no image editor, but as you mention text/posters/flyers scribus comes to mind too.


The “Raw Processing” category seems a bit outdated though, listing some projects that have been dormant for a while (e.g. Photivo, ufraw) and missing some that are more actively maintained (e.g. rawproc and perhaps ART?)

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For posters, flyers and other print stuff I usually mix Gimp with Scribus or Inkscape. The bigger the Text part is the more I use Scribus.

We should be able to create a pullrequest to accomplish some changes

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I’ve never used Scribus (but I heard about it). I guess I could try this option. It’s just that usually my needs are not really too complex in terms of text layouts, so it’s easier for me to just stay in a single software.

Its okay guys. I’m a pretty small fish in this big pond. I’m used to being in the background. :grin:

Anyway while Photoflare has some text features, I definitely don’t have anything to create shapes with paths. Really if I was creating a poster I would just use Inkscape. Its more of a creation tool in general.

Since the OP wants to stick to a bitmap editor but have features like that I think GIMP still fits the purpose. Imho. (Never used Krita, so I can’t speak on it)