Image Focal Points

(Sancho Sackville) #1

Is there a way to show the focal points on an image in RawTherapee? Looking to see the many focal points with the used one highlighted.


show auto focus points?

I doubt it. I believe this facility is only available when using the OEM software to view the images.


I remember reading about focus points wrt darktable. Maybe it was just a feature request…

@SanchoSackville Welcome to the forum btw!

(Ingo Weyrich) #4

This was on my todo list a while (some years) ago. But there have been more urgent issues to be solved.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not interested in that anymore.

Maybe we should start a new run to implement the focus indicators. I know that feature only from PhotoMe.

In case someone has documentation about the concerning exif data, that would be very welcome.



As @afre said, Darktable has such a feature but as far as I know, it shows focus areas detected by software rather than focal points embedded in the file by the camera. Its default shortcut is Ctrl+z in Lighttable mode.


Relevant blog post:

#7 talks about the detected in-focus/sharp areas.

The camera focus point is different – that point may actually be out-of-focus, if the auto-focus failed or there was movement etc. It’d be great to have something like this in darktable. is a Lightroom plugin that does this, seems to get exif data like this: