Image getting vertically cropped when loading into editor

I have a Fujifilm X-T4 camera. I am using RawTherapee 5.8 on a linux machine. I have noticed that when loading a RAF image from the file browser into the editor a 4:3 image gets vertically cropped into a 6.3:1 image. This only happens for some images. Any reason for this?

Hi @irvy and welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question, this issue was already fixed in the development version of RawTherapee (see Partial decoding or wrong dimensions of X-T30 files · Issue #5709 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub for a similar report).
If you wish, you can download a development AppImage build from here Release Automated Builds · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub or try building RawTherapee yourself.

As of now, it is still uncertain when a new release of RT will come out.