image preview is broken

hi, i just buy a printer and i was trying to use the softproofing function of darktable and now my image are completly broken… when i adjust exposure the picture blown out almost instantly and the color are merged. i have uninstalled darktable multiple time but nothing work. i think that darktable doesn’t read my monitor profile correctly anymore but i’m not sure.

hope you cal help me.

thanks in advance

Hi & welocme!

We are going to need some basic information like darktable version, OS version, and maybe some screenshots and what do you mean by “broken”?

Hi, thanks! :slight_smile:

i’m on windows 10, darktable 4.0.1

i have included a screenshot in the topic maybe it’s not showing ?

cordially, julien.

Screenshot is shown but all it show is that your image is quite over-exposed. That doesn’t help to understand what your issue. An over-exposed could just be solved by reducing… exposure.

If you think it’s about your screen profile, without more infos on your settings, it will be hard to help. We are not behind your computer nor could guess your settings. Do you check profiles set on darktable (on profile output module, on display settings (right-click on softproofing icon, in bottom right). The manual could help you if needed.

Maybe it’s just your process on the image, the RAW and xmp could help too…

Hi, concerning the image I had processed it previously and it was not overexposed. It’s the behavior of darktable that have changed.

My screen is hardware calibrated.
My display settings are set to “system”

I will try to recalibrate my screen this evening to see if it’s change anything.

Thanks for the help.

As Nilvus said:

the RAW and xmp could help too…

Yes, please upload those two files.
It will be easier to assist you then.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi, il will do that this evening.
Yeah I’m going to have fun ahah!

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Just remember that reinstalling darktable will not clear your settings.

Things like your database and settings are stored somewhere else.

If you open a windows explorer window , and type the pathname manually , enter:

Do not just blindly remove everything there!
At least make a backup, then clear it and start darktable to see if this fixes your issue. But you want a backup , because it contains your database and (may) contain your edits !

Yeah I have done that to and this didn’t correct my issue… :confused:

Can you show a screenshot of what modules you’re using and post the xmp and raw file?

Yes I do that when I’m at home :wink:

and here we go for the raw file
_6270002.ORF (15.2 MB)
_6270003.ORF.xmp (6.7 KB)

okay. i have look closely at what i was doing and it was user error from my side…
“filmic RGB” was set to “max RVB” and i normally use “euclidian norm rgb” so it was bugging me !..

in any case thanks a lot for your help all ! :slight_smile:

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I think that’s the wrong raw (_6270002.ORF). You uploaded the XMP for 003, though, and, based on your screenshot, the uploaded image is the one preceding the one visible in the darkroom. This is what I get if I import your image (matches the one on your timeline, below the editor):

yep that’s correct it is the wrong raw ahah

but in any case i solve my problem. it was user error in filmic.