Image size limit?

Trying to decompose the RGB channels of a 43920x3321 image from G’MIC Qt in Krita, the process stops abruptly. Is there a size limit? If so, can I change it?

More info:
I’m using the appimage for both Krita (4.3.0) and G’MIC.
This problem doesn’t happen with a system install of GIMP.

Hello, from the documentation of Krita:

If Krita hits the limit of both the memory limit above, and this Swap File limit, it can’t do anything anymore (and will freeze).

(“Memory above” = memory limit).

See Krita - Settings - Configure Krita - Performance, can you set those limits somewhat higher perhaps?

No there is no size limit, except the available memory.
G’MIC stores the image with 32bits-float-valued values, so a MxN color image takes MxNx3x4 bytes in memory. Some filter requires 3 or 4 copies of the image.

If the problem happens only with the appimage, then maybe it’s an appimage-related issue ? :slight_smile:

I changed the memory limit to 200GiB (which is way more than what’s needed for this image) and the problem persists. I assume @David_Tschumperle is right, it’s an appimage issue. I can’t find the place to report this issue. Can you point me to it?

In Krita, there is ‘Separate Image…’. Try using that.

I don’t see that (Ctrl+F “Separate” on the download page)
I currently use the appimage for G’MIC Qt provided on that page.

PS : I’m on Ubuntu

Oh sorry, you were talking about an image operator in native Krita. Didn’t know about that. Thanks! This one works well.
Still would like to report the issue on the appimage’s repository and figure out what’s going on because I assume other filters may have the same issue.