Image Upload Issues?

I thought I would try this one but when I drag a shot in it’s not loading.



@Ajohn you need to give it a minute to load

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We are experiencing some slight delays uploading images. Drag them into the composer and give it a few to load up.

A circular red thing pops up over the link as I dragged the image into the post.


I’ve moved your posts over here to not clutter up the PlayRaw topic while we sort this out.

@Ajohn - What OS/Browser are you using?

Have you tried uploading using the button instead of dragging-and-dropping? (see below)


I wondered if it was an image size limit ? I’m using Firefox on KDE. There wasN’T a problem dragging the image in on the playraw police on horse image. No updates to my set up since either.

This is it - stage one of Unveil the Castle. No problem using the upload button

:wink: Not the final version.


What version of Firefox?

We do have an upload size limit, but it’s around 100MB right now. This post image was uploaded ok using the upload button, but dragging the same image onto the composer doesn’t work? Which version of FF?

[edit - jinx @paperdigits]

My distro standard Firefox 52.2.0. That may be more up to date than when I installed straight from Firefox’s web site. I had to drop that due to an update dependency problem. i’ve not been able to find out why that happened.