Image won't sharpen unless I zoom in 1:1

I click on 1:1 and it shows my sharpening changes. I zoom out just slightly, and they go away. Why might this be? I am working on a Mac.

This is by design, you may want to consult the corresponding documentation in Rawpedia

To truly see the effect of sharpening many programs need 100% magnification so each pixel of the image is displayed as a single pixel on the computer screen.

If you want to maintain a view of the “wider image” you can use the detail window:

The highlighted button at the bottom will open a movable, resizable window that defaults to 100% zoom. The area shown in the detail window is outlined in red on the preview, and can be moved by dragging with the mouse. There are buttons for zooming the detail window, it can be resized by dragging the lower right corner, etc. All of this is in RawPedia.

This is handy when you need to see actual sharpening results, but, e.g., also want to keep an eye on non-sharpening thresholds, etc. Also useful when setting denoising parameters.


Did you ever realize, that many functions have a 1:1 at the end of their name like in the screenshot
All these functions should be viewed in a 1:1 zoom

personally I am not sharpening in RT but always in GIMP (there’s bundled unsharpen mask tool or many in gmic) … depends on your workflow … My workflow is that I am always sending a processed image from RT to GIMP from where I finally export JPEG (and or resize before)

Also I recommend to set a pixel threshold from 0.5px to 1px … default 0.5px is weird …