Imaginario, an F-Spot lookalike

Hi there! :slight_smile:

I want to let you know of a new, alpha quality, photo manager application that I developed: Imaginario. It’s open source and cross-platform, and those who have used F-Spot in the past will certainly recognize a similar UI:

Indeed, Imaginario is heavily inspired by F-Spot, though it is a completely different code-base and will eventually diverge with time. One major difference is that Imaginario has no functionality to edit photos whatsoever; all editing is delegated to external editors. Imaginario is focused on metadata, so you will find:

  • Display of geolocation information
  • Image tags
  • Image rating
  • Filtering on all the above, plus date
  • Image versioning
  • Import of photo database from F-Spot, Shotwell and DigiKam
  • Upload and publishing (via PhotoTeleport)

Going forward, I plan to implement area tags (typically used to tag people faces on photos), video support, better integration with external tools. And whatever this forum suggests, time permitting. :slight_smile:

Reminding you once again that this is alpha quality, use at your own risk and all of that, I warmly invite you to try it out (you can get it from, and let me know your precious feedback.



Looks very cool!

Sounds cool, is it color managed?

Looks pretty cool!

No, I haven’t looked into color management yet. Do you have any recommendation about which libraries to integrate (Imaginario is written in C++/Qt/QML)? Is LittleCMS the way to go?

@mardy this will come in useful for macOS: Wide-gamut preview in macOS

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I’m sorry, I have no idea what’s best. I’m just a basic user of photography programs. I’m sure some devs will help you here.

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