Import and export presets on M1 Mac

Hi all,
I have an M1 Macbook Pro with darktable 4.0. I noticed today that the import and export of presets does not work on it. I have darktable also on an Intel-based Mac (DT 4.0) and on a Linux PC (DT 4.1). Both these work as expected. On the M1 Mac, when I click either “import” or “export” in the presets section of the preferences, the screen fades to a light grey and then nothing. The import or export dialogue does not appear as it should.

Darktable downloaded from the DT website. OS is MacOS 12.5 Monterey.

Does anybody else experience this?

i would check if the dialogue is just not brought to the foreground. we saw a similar bug with siril.

Yes, I think you are right. I also found out that it only happens when darktable is in full screen mode, which for me is the normal mode. So it is possible to work around by going out of full screen.