Import colour profile is wrong

When I import a new photo in darktable (3.0, 3.2, 3.4 and 3.6) the import colour profile is linear rec 709 RGB and not linear rec2020 RGB.
This issue is not due to a personal preset as I have none for this module.
This issue happens with any camera make : canon, nikon and fuji… but strangely enough, if I import a photo from my Sony ar73, I get the correct colour profile.

If I click on the reset parameters button, I get the rec2020 profile.
I have tried deleting the app and all the subfolders (catalog and settings folders included…), but when I reinstall, I get the same issue.

Can anyone tell me what is going on please?

Do you mean “input color profile” and not “import”?

Yes sorry! Input color profile.

And, more specifically, it’s the working profile, right? The input profile should always be specific to the camera.

Can you share a problematic image here, so we can try to reproduce the issue? Is there perhaps an XMP file next to those images? If yes, and it includes the setting for the Rec709 space, darktable will use that.
You could try copying such an image file to a temporary directory (so you can be sure there’s no XMP), and import from there.

Also, could you share a screenshot showing the history stack right after import?

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Are you by any chance applying some style.Darktable chart creates style that set things to rec.709??

Yes István, it is the working profile of the input color profile. Sorry for the shortcut.

You are right thought, I didn’t think to look at the history stack. I have two instances of input color profile… the first one (line 3) sets rec2020, the second one (line 12) sets rec709, overwriting the rec020.
So I know what the problem is now.

If I copy the file to another folder, I don’t get the issue.

I use photo mechanic to import my photos, there is an xmp file created at the same time. The problem seems to come from there.
Here is an example xmp file created by photo mechanic :
FUJIFILM-X-Pro3-2021-07-05-09h23min22sA.xmp (1.4 KB)

I can’t see anything in the xmp file that would change the color profile but if I import a photo with this xmp file in the folder, I get two instances of input color profile but if I erase the xmp file and then import into darktable, I do not get the issue.

The solution seems to be to get photo mechanic to import without creating xmp files… but I don’t think it is possible…

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!