import image sequence with 8 zeros in “3D Video Conversion”

I wanted to know how to import image sequence with multiple zeros in “3D Video Conversion”
Just accept “a1.png” and don’t “a000000001.png”

You might benefit from reading this thread: How to export animation via gmic cli [SOLVED] - #7 by grosgood

I think you should convert the images into MP4 or something, and then import it in gmic.

I do exactly that, but gmic (“3D Video Conversion”) only accepts the files without zeros in front.

ffmpeg -i video.webm frame_%d.png

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I wasn’t able to help much as I was away from main pc, but glad to see you solved it.

I’m surprised how well the volume even recognizes in drawings.
Where do these models stand? (for example: studio, flat)

Um, I think you posted in the wrong forum?

No, maybe the translator doesn’t help.


@bazza These filters have been coded by Tom Keil, a contributor who haven’t given news for years.
I personnally don’t know how these filters work, and didn’t take the time to inspect them in details.
Not sure if someone else has an answer.

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They really did very good results.

I think it’s something like blur, segmentation and a bilateral and DOAF analyzer