Import module in dev-version 3.5

I am impressed with how the import process of images into darktable is evolving. I am testing in a virtual PC with the git version and I can decide for myself that in the future I will use darktable to rename the images and store them in a structured way.

In principle, I always shoot in raw and let my camera additionally create a jpeg.

Does anyone know if it is possible to rename/copy the jpeg with the new import/copy module of darktable 3.5 (->3.6) but not to include the raw files in the library?

Will it be that the last setting of the thumbnail display will be kept or is there somewhere an option to always show the thumbnails in the import module?
Whenever I reopen the import module the option to display the thumbnails has to be set…


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I don’t think that’s possible but you could import the JPEGs and then remove them from your library afterwards.

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It would be useful. I also copy raw and jpeg, but I only import raw in DT. At moment I use Rapid Photo Downloader for copy.

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