Imported presets will not auto apply

I just had a little trouble with some presets I exported and imported to a new Darktable 4.0.1 install. They work fine, but when I set them to autoapply, they did not. I think the problem is in the area of the default ISO/exposure/aperture criteria, for example, the ISO range is 0 to 0.

Quick fix, change one of the preset values slightly and save as a new name. It will now auto-apply.

Just thought this might help someone and a dev may become aware of it for a future fix.

I found that too, quite some time ago, in fact. Moreover, no matter what I do in the settings (default workflow set to none / display / scene referred) or the preset itself, basecurve is not applied.

On the other hand, even with workflow set to “none”, auto-preset for Filmic RGB works :wink:

Here is the issue already reported some months ago. If a dev have a tips where to look at, I could try to find the problem. But no idea where to start from.

I am fairly sure it is the criteria that determine if it will be autoapplied or not. They do not come across correctly, as I said, ISO reads 0 to 0. I expect the export or the import are wrong, or else, don’t agree with each other about th format.

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