importing embedded keywords from .jpg files

Hi there - new to the forum, and I’m migrating my image management from Lightroom Classic to Darktable. Love it so far.

Is there a way to import keywords embedded in the metadata of .jpg files (and not as a sidecar .xmp file - as Lightroom doesn’t save sidecar files for non-RAW formats) into Darkroom?

So far I have not been able to do this. I see you can import a keyword file from Lightroom to build a tag dictionary, but not have them associated with the photos.


Are you using Copy and Import or Add to Library? I don’t think it will work with copy and import.

And if you did use the “Copy and import”, you could throw away the current database (NOT the copied files) and re-import them through “add to library” from their “darktable” location.

For files that you haven’t copied over yet, I would suggest copying them over to their intended “darktable location” with a file manager and then import them into darktable with “add to library”.

Keep in mind that most editing you did in lightroom will be lost (there are several threads here dealing with that issue).

Thanks @g-man and @rvietor.

I got it together with a little trial and error. I am using ‘Add to Library’ to keep the images in their original location. I think my issue was self-inflicted, as I had done some experimenting with importing small sets of photos, thus trying to re-import the photos with updated metadata was causing some sort of conflict - to say it more plainly, a .jpg image had been imported to Darktable once and thus Darktable generated a .xmp file for it. Then I had re-saved the image in LIghtroom with additional metadata and imported again to Darktable, and it didn’t seem to pick up the updated metadata. Or something like that.

TL;DR: I deleted the previous Darktable-generated .xmp files and then imported the .jpgs with updated metadata and everything worked as it should.


If you need to do this again, there is also this feature:

Ahh yes discovered that! So far I’m finding that there is a way to do pretty much everything in Darktable, you just have to find it :slight_smile:

But please be careful using this feature with 4.6.1. There has just been a bugfix in current master.

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