Importing lightroom in a single file format (lrcat) into Darktable


I have been using Lightroom for long time in past. That time, I used to save catalog in a single file with lrcat extension… I have see this article: Importing Lightroom Development but I need to import single catalog file into Darktable.

but I need to import single catalog file into Darktable.

Why ? The xmp contain all necessary information.

As long as you’ve saved xmp’s. (Please do so now). And LR doesn’t seem to put pick/not picked data in the xmp’s. Had the LR catalog go south on me once, and that’s all I seem to have lost. One of LR’s many annoyances.

I don’t have lightroom anymore.

cc: @Marcsitkin

Welcome to the nice world of non free software :slight_smile:

The .lrcat is an SQLite DB, so you may want to explore it and create “fake” .xmp out of it. But that would be certainly a huge amount of work.

Did you save meta data to XMP? If not, get a copy of LR or borrow a friends, load up your catalog, and do a save to generate the XMP files.

So tehnicaly, as of now, there is no way that Darktable can detect and import data from lrcat into darktable.

I have sent a feature request to dev team for issue: Import Lightroom catalog from lrcat file · Issue #4986 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub


Sorry, but nobody is going to do that work, because the work has already been done to convert the XMP files. Grab a copy of lightroom and save the XMP files.

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Install lightroom and configure it to save xmp.

If you dp no have original version you use, you can suscrive for a month and do the work.