Improvment to wavelet - merge wavelenh

I have merge the branch “wavelenh”.

Which means that “wavelet” has just undergone numerous modifications

This branch was initialized following the request of @sguyader (from an older “wavelet” branch) and has been tested by @XavAL

Some improvments and features

  • clarity

  • sharp mask

  • sigma for contrast levels

Residual image :

  • best contrast,
  • best shadows highlights,
  • improvments to tone-mapping
  • etc.



I’m really happy this tool has finally arrived to main (dev) branch :smiley:

Congratulations! And really, really good job!

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Thank you very much for all your tests :slight_smile:


Can I find it here? =>

If so, which one is it? There are several (Windows) DEV packages.

It is merged into to RT dev

Seems it hasn’t arrived in that link yet, or? This seems the latest DEV there:

It isn’t exactly nightly right now. I also wonder if or when we should clean up the list. @Carmelo_DrRaw and others

Cleaned up, temporarily.

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Glad to see some of Jacques’s stuff merged into dev, at last!
Congrats and thanks @jdc


I am re-building the dev branch at the moment, so new changes should be available in the upcoming package.

I have also hopefully fixed the automated cleanup of the packages, which was broken due to recent changes in the package naming…

yesterday I tried the new release but the Show wavelet levels into wavelet settings doesn’t work anymore.
If I select some backgrounds and set one level nothing changes. :thinking:

Is changed something??


Effectively, I will have a look :slight_smile:


I just push a change, I hope its fixed :slight_smile:


Hi Jacques,
now it works.