Independent switches for contrast equalizer and color zones.

I was working with two modules and at some point I liked to make some test and saw that will be great to have independent switches for every tab (luma, chroma, edges, lightness, saturation, hue) the main switch for de module control everything, but if I change some parameters and like to make a comparison, at this moment I have to reset the line and lose the changes, but if the tab have an independent switch, then I can enable or disable it to see the differences.

The switches must be enabled by default.

I think that in the contrast equalizer or color zones modules this feature can be useful

This is a mockup of the idea.



Others ideas are welcome.


I’m pretty sure Gtk doesn’t allow other widgets (checkboxes) in tabs (which are actually text labels). Let alone nesting the mouse click callback events (“does that click needs to be counted as a box ticking or as a tab changing ?”). It’s a can of worms.


I know this is not the optimal solution, that’s why I posted asking for other ideas. This kind of interaction with tabs where two functions are needed isn’t the best solution. Gtk have limits. Hope someone manage a different solution keeping the same goal, isolate functions per tab and enable or disable them.

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Is there a reason you don’t want to create a second module instance it on/off?

I find the idea usefull.

The new modules have a lot of funcionality, mixing many things in one place, things that are separate in other software. It makes them very powerfull, but complex to use too.

When I am adjusting some group of controls, i would like to see the changes it produce, isolated from the rest, and quickly activate and deactivate it to compare the effect.

Interface suggested seems clean and easy, but i don’t know if it is possible to implement them.

Any other way if activating and deactivating the tab would be wellcome, for example a check box in it that deactivates and grays the tab to feefback it is not active.

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One module would be color calibration…you almost need 3 instances to be able to toggle features…so the WB via CAT, the channel mixer settings or the colorful and brightness…with all this combined its a bit of work to have it set up so you can do some easy on off assessment of your edits within this module…

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That’s why I talk about the possibility of evaluating insert a switch per tab in some complex modules to turn on or off and check the progress of the editing, mainly in the Color Zones and Contrast equalizer, where many changes per tab can be done, and always trying to keep previous adjustments. It’s something like isolating a tab to see the changes.

Of course the first idea that I put as a mockup is just that, an idea. I’m not developer, but devs have better solutions of how this can be done.