Inpaint [Morphological] - Help needed



I’m probably doing something wrong but I can’t figure it.

I’m trying to remove some branches from a picture (on the left). Picture size is 4020x6026 pixels.

So I colored the area in red as needed for the Inpaint filter to work and add a selection to reduce computation time (as per the note in the filter)

Then I open the G’MIC Gimp plugin and look at the preview. Every thing looks good !

But when I apply the filter I get that

Why does the filter not work as expected ?

(Jonas Wagner) #2

Did you paint using the pencil tool or using the regular brush? The regular brush does blending which messes things up. Increasing the mask dilation will probably make it work anyways but it’s easier to just use the pencil.

On a side note, you probably don’t want to use the morphological inpainting in this case. Multiscale or patch based are probably going to perform better.


I used the bucket fill tool. I made a selection around the branches and fill it with the bucket.

Ok I will give them a try. Thanks for the advise.

(Jonas Wagner) #4

When using the lasso to create the selection make sure that antialias is turned off.


That’s it. Antialiasing was on. :+1:


Whenever I am stumped by something, I check to see if anti-aliasing is on :no_mouth:.