Input/output saturation?

Hello @agriggio,
I just noticed that you have splitted the single saturation slider in the Color Correction section into Input saturation and Output saturation. What’s the idea behind this, or: how to use?

Regards, Paul.

I actually didn’t “split” the saturation slider, but I added more control. The old code was using only what is now called “input saturation” in the “standard” mode, and “output saturation” in RGB and HSL modes. The extra sliders allow to control the saturation at different stages of the pipeline. More specifically:

  • in standard mode, you have first slope/offset/power, then input saturation, that the color grid, then output saturation(*)

  • in RGB and HSL modes, you have first input saturation(*), then slope/offset/power, then output saturation

where settings marked with (*) are the new ones.


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Thanks for your reaction Alberto. The only little problem I see is that an average user/photographer like me has no idea of pipelines and processing stages, I just watch the photo changing while editing.

I’ll experiment a bit more to see if I can get more control over the process.

I know it can be a bit confusing, but I added it after being frustrated that I couldn’t get the skin tones how I wanted them on a particular picture (at least, not without struggling more than what I thought was acceptable). Now I think the module is easier to use overall, despite the increase in complexity…