Input Reading and Refresh

Hi we using Natron 2.3.12 recently we facing more issues. Technicality…

  1. Input reading issues.2. Refresh 3.flows opening error one system to another system.

screen zoom in zoom out time image not visable, and image ,

we using high system.

  1. Are you using individual frames or videos? There are issues with videos with inter-frame compression (h264, h265…). Extract individual frames.

For 2. and 3. I need more details. Check if the following solves the issues:

  • reduce the number of render threads to 1 in the Preferences
  • clear all caches
  • restart Natron

There are threading problems in the Natron 2 code, and these problems arise more often on systems with many cores/threads. If the procedure above solves some of the issues, raise the number of threads until it starts behaving strangely again, then lower it. 4 to 8 threads should be OK.

I will not fix these issues. Someone else has to look at what’s happening there.

we using individual frames png seq renders

file opening time also take much time. some times not opened file

If you are on windows and the files are on a network share, there may be issues (I don’t have windows, sorry). Perhaps other Natron users can help. There is also a facebook page with Natron users.

ok thank you

We’d tested Natron on Windows 7 64bit over our 10g network couple weeks ago. For some reason it did open very slow if ntp file was on network drive. Simply moving ntp file to local drive, keeping source plate on network drive, actually makes file open faster for some reason.

Thanks for that feedback @mnhan32 - windows network shares have always been a very mysterious thing.

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