Instagram on a laptop/desktop under Linux?

nope - got feedback from real persons

I haven’t looked specifically at tagging (beyond putting hash-tagged items in the posted text), but I use Ramme on my Linux Mint 19.1 Tara Cinnamon.


apparently Ramme is buggy (“Segmentation fault”), the binary from the deb-package does not start on Debian 10.

Ah, I see. Sorry to hear that. It’s less than perfect on Mint too. I get a javascript error on startup / quit: “… app.css not found in /opt/Ramme/resources/app.asar” and “Uncaught Exception: Object has been destroyed at Timeout.intervalFunc …”

Despite that, it works for me in between.

Does this work flawlessly? I tried a few tricks like this in the past but it never seemed to work that good.

I’ll definitely going to try this out myself, but i wonder what other peoples experiences are with this.

The firefox add-on “instagram desktop” works flawlessly. And it’s even better when you use shift-ctrl-m in order to make it look “the right size”

I tried it I think. I think the hashtags are ignored if you upload a photo with it. I get very few likes. Anyway I get more likes if I upload with the android app.

I’ve been using the Bluestacks android emulator that runs under Windows. Unfortunately they do not have a Linux version. I haven’t tried it but I think that you are supposed to be able to run Android-x86 from within Virtualbox. Info on the Android-x86 option is here:

Unfortunately Android-x86 is not listed in the table of OSes that tells how well that OS works with VirtualBox: see

I use Instagraph, it’s been my main way to use Instagram for a few years now.

vivaldi comes with batteries included: