Instagram on a laptop/desktop under Linux?

Does anybody know how to upload and tag to IG from your computer? Is there a working Firefox plugin or stand-alone package? I’m tired of the phone and it’s shitty keyboard


I use to plan my instagram posts. It’s not perfect (no autocomplete for hash tags for example), but it’s easier than typing on my phone…


Besides Later, Buffer now also supports Instagram, any of those are really nice to schedule your posts.

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I would check with digiKam folks if someone could add ‘Export to Instagram’ plugin in there.
They have introduced a new plugin interface recently. I am not sure if that made it easier to add plugins to digiKam but looking at the list of export tools they already have I believe so.


as @saknopper I also use Later, and for keeping track of comments and other features I use who currently is only available for chrome, but has been quite useful

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Firefox have plugin App for Instagram.

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I use this user-agent switcher plugin for Firefox on the Desktop
It fools Instagram into thinking you are on your phone and gives you all the options like uploading and tagging.


I tried that, but it does strictly nothing. No uploads, no messages - all like before

I made me a later account, loded a photo up, timed it for this evening and … nothing happened. Time is over, the picture is still o the calendar and not on instagram.

Where do I fuck up?

You need the Later app on your phone for it to work. You’ll receive a push notification at the appropriate time or you can manually submit it whenever you want from within the app. (bypassing the schedule)

If you want Later to handle everything automatically I believe you need a business account on Instagram and a paid plan on Later. At least the latter.

instagram desktop for firefox appears to work. the pics, however, are still tiny

OK, I got that far. Now the problem is that I can add the picture, but all text (caption and hash-tags) are lost.
Nothing is ever going to be easy …

I think we’re almost there… :wink:

The last thing you need to keep in mind is that the Later app copies the text related to your post to the clipboard. So once it redirects you to the Instagram app you can simply paste it in the text box.

Hope it works now!

I’ m not an instagram’s user but sometime ago I used this trick for Opera browser. Its a two years old video and I don’t know if works at this moment.
Sorry for my english :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I tried several extensions for Firefox and Chrome. They work, but I get very few likes (much fewer than if I upload from a mobile device). I don’t know why, I have 30 hashtags.

I got it working.

Thanks a lot y’all


There was also an unofficial plugin for PhotoTeleport, once upon a time. Now I lost contact with the author, and I’m not sure where the code is.

Just a small note, but this is not hard to pull off in FF using Developer Tools:

Basically, just use Dev Tools to emulate a mobile device, and all of the functionality will become available to you (just like the mobile version, of course :wink: ).


Well if I use one of those Firefox or Chrome extensions I think my photos will only get liked by autolikers.

Oh neat, I just realized you can do this directly from the firefox menu without having to open Dev Tools:

It’s on the FF menu under “Web Developer”:

Or apparently the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+M.