INSTALL last version

I had an old version of Darktable. I uninstalled and instslled the last one on the website.
My problem
1- I can not import folders or open photos. It does not search
2- it Only appears a photo, with different colours.
Thank you

Hello Susana, welcome to the very helpful community.

Please help us with some more details.

  1. Can you give us the exact version number you have installed?

It should appear in the top left corner like this:

If you can’t see the logo, the word darktable and the version number, press Ctrl-Shift-T one or more times until it is revealed.

  1. What Operating system are you using? Windows, MacOS, some form of Linux?
    Exact OS and version number e.g. Ubuntu 23.02 or debian 9 or Windows 11 or similar

  2. When you click “add to library”, what window appears. Do you have a places box and a folders box like my edited snap below:

If you cannot see “Add to Library” are you maybe in the darkroom? Click the “lighttable” top right, or press “L”

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Recursive import is broken in 4.6 is it not…likely this might be the issue…

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Hi Martin,
Thank you for your answer.

1 -Darktable version: 4.6.0

2- Operating system: Windows 10 Home.

3- I have a Spanish version.

3.1- I Attach picture
3.2 attach picture. In English:
Before copying images to darktable’s base directory, make sure it is properly configured.

Review darktable preferences: import.
Check and set to “Base directory for naming pattern”

I attached pictures but I don t know if it is correctly done.

Thank you !

Something more. It doesn t appear some folders I have on my desk

My Spanish is virtually non-existant, so I may have misunderstood some things here.

In the first screen shot, you have selected the option to add files to the library. That option just add selected files to the darktable database, it doesn’t move or copy any files, and It doesn’t do any renaming of files. So “base directory for naming pattern” doesn’t make sense here.

Regarding the non-appearing folders: do those folders have special characters in their names? Or can you give an example of such a folder?

Thank you Toddd!

I was reading about, and I decided to re install the older version.
Even, the last one does not recognize my camera and lens.
The last version changed a lot and it is not necessary for me.
I have the old version file but I re installed it but It Does not open.
Is that correct? How can I solve?
Thank you

You will have to restore the old database files. Darktable created backups when it upgraded them.
On Windows, they will be at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\darktable.

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Thank you!!

I’m on my Windows desktop now, so can share a screenshot:

What you are looking for are the data.db-pre-... and library.db-pre-... files.
Rename data.db to data.db-4.6, library.db to library.db-4.6, for example (or, if you are brave, you can delete them right now). Then rename (or copy) the ...-pre-... database files accordingly.

The ...-snp-... files are also backups, made at the indicated point in time (data.db-snp-20230922191804 would be a backup of data.db, made on 22 September 2023 at 19:18:04. You can also use those to restore previous versions.

May I ask what large change you saw? What version were you trying to upgrade from, and what was it that you did not like? I’m only asking because darktable always keeps backwards compatibility, though some old modules sometimes become harder to use, if they become deprecated (they are never completely removed, though). I’m not trying to persuade you, I’m just curious.

Sorry I could not answer before. I found differences with some tools. For what I need now, I prefare to continue with the version I know and I don not want to expend time with founding differences and new doubts.

Thank you

Its not hard to run both versions… the latest version is for sure the most capable. The addition of the rgb primaries’ module and similar controls in the sigmoid module are really powerful tools…

In any case if you are curious its easy to set it up and for the moment you just disable sidecar writing for the new version and let it use its own database…This keeps it separate from your primary version and you can test and learn at your own pace without frustration…

Myself and or others can explain further if you are interested…