Installation Issue(Windows 10, Raw Therapee 5.8)

I was installing Raw Therapee on my Windows 10 64x computer and ran into this issue: Screenshot 2021-03-23 180914
I’m not huge on installing applications without the installers so I installed it that way, I did used to have it installed but I deleted it after temporarily dropping photography, now I’m back to photography and need it again. Any and all help is appreciated.

What is the location you’re selecting to install to?

When installing, I didn’t get an option to choose an installation path through the installer executable.

@Josh1114 You should be installing using administrator rights. Can you verify that you’re doing that?

Alternately don’t install at all. RT runs fine from a zipped folder. You can get the zipped version here: (I use that link to get the zipped DEV versions)

Yes I am using admin rights while doing so.

Okay, so once I download from GitHub I would just leave it in the zipped folder and run it from there?

No that will never work. Unzip it in some place sensible and then run the executable.

Alright thank you!

Well, you need to unzip the folder, maybe give it a shorter name, and run it from there. Mine are on an external drive.

The beauty of that method is that you can have several versions. So I have the release version, and also the latest DEV version parallel. And you can add ART too from this link, unzip (or un7z) and add a folder next to it:

Alright thanks, I appreciate the help.