Installation of Lightzone 5.0.0 Beta alongside an existing installation.

Just passing on a little further information regarding the 5.0.0 Beta (in case anybody finds it useful).

I enquired as to whether it can be installed alongside an existing 4.x.x version.

Masahiro’s reply was as follows:

You can keep the v4 along with v5 on Windows if you select “No, install into a different directory” during installation. On Linux, it depends on your distribution.

FYI, please review this post and complete thread on installing LZ 5.0 Beta on Windows. The bottom line, and until a fix is found, you may be able to run LZ 5.0 Beta by installing “wsl --install” as an administrator. That install will install Ubuntu by default. I ran into a BIOS error when I tried to run Ubuntu however. Perhaps other will be more successful.