Installing digiKam

I started installing digiKam and stopped as I have a few questions. I am planning to use digiKam as my program to organize, catalog etc images that I have edited in another program like RT or DT.

  1. Configure Raw File Handling: What is the difference between Open Directly vs Raw Import Tool?
  2. Configure Meta: digiKam will be used only to catalog files. Should I jus click “Do Nothing” in this case.
  3. Can any of the settings I chose be changed after I install if I need to?

I’m moving away from Lightroom to RT or DT.

The settings can be changed after the fact, yes. I’d suggest you read the documentation:

Over 300 pages in the documentation sir. I’ve looked through it where I thought I could find my answer to my questions but cannot. Thats why I’m asking for the help. All I find is the same information in the beginning of the documentation that I see on the screen when setting up. If you are familiar with all of the documentation I would appreciate your help in pointing me to the correct chapters or page numbers to help answer my questions. Is this not the correct forum for my questions? If not, perhaps you could tell me where I can ask these types of questions when I’m not sure of what I am reading in the documentation or not understanding. Sorry I’m new to this and hope someone could help.

The Raw Import Tool is digikam’s internal editor:

The Open Directly I’d assume opens the file in an external editor.

Configure Meta will configure how digikam handles metadata:

Thank you for the information. I will look at this and hopefully will answer my question. If I’m still a little unclear, please understand I may ask for a help again as I’m just learning these new applications after switching from Lightroom

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Your translation seems to be different from what I remember.

What is your system / digiKam language?

I think the first option (import raw) is to use built-in raw developing tool (it is dcraw if I remember correct). The other option is to just view the embedded thumbnail without raw demosaicing.

And yes, any selection you do on the initial setup (wizard) can be changed in settings later.

Also, do not hesitate using the digikam users mailing list: seems to be more about darktable, RawTherapee, GIMP, etc. IMHO

Being new to this, I’m not sure what you mean by “what is my digiKam language”. My systems is Windows 8.1 and, I was trying to install digiKam 6.3.

What language is your OS using? English, French, or something else

Ohhh. I thought its was some type of computer language. Its all in English.

Here is some more information on the first run dialog:

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The site seems to be pretty much what the documentation is however its better since additional information you may need to know is linked within in the area you are looking at.