Installing GIMP 2.10.18 from apt will not run. Gegl version is too old.

Using the appimage works fine but it does not install a desktop icon (and I don’t know how to set one manually) and RawTherapee can’t open GIMP because it can’t find it’s path.

So I installed it from apt, hoping to fix all this, but now I get this GEGL error and GIMP won’t run.

Screenshot from 2020-04-28 11-35-16

The latest available GEGL package is 0.4.18.

Anyone able to help?

The AppImage used to ask to install a desktop shortcut… There is a dotfile that controls that behavior, check in~/.config.

You can set the path to GIMP in RT’s preferences.

I cannot find any dotfile related to GIMP in ~/.config.

RT only allows for ticking GIMP, or setting a custom command line for external editor. And if I use the appimage, what command does it need?

The full path to the AppImage

Fair enough, doh. That worked.

Any tips on how to set an icon for GIMP?

I believe you can make a .desktop file, then launch that.