Installing Help Manual

I don’t want to install this incorrectly. Can I get some guidance on how to install the Help Manual using Windows 8.1?

For me its much easier to read printed documentation, especially when I have some time on my hands and just want to read through something I’m trying to figure out. I’m not always at my computer. Any thoughts on producing a .pdf version for the Help Manual?

For installation: Windows 8.1 ? - bravery indeed. Is that 32 bit or 64 bit and which version of Gimp 2.10 ?

There is an excellent PDF Gimp 2.10 help, 1000 pages or so, searchable, Italian or English versions


English version:

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Thank you for the 2 sites. Just what I was looking for. I really didn’t want to install, would rather have print. Anyway, yes Gimp 2.10, Windows 8.1 64bit