Installing the 32-Bit version of G'Mic on Gimp 2.10

well, what the title says, i sadly still use an old 32-bit PC and no matter what i try, g’mic refuse to work on gimp 2.10 which is really frustrating as it works perfectly on gimp 2.8

i tried both the standalone version and the installable version from here

the result is always the same, i’m told that G’Mic cannot start because “libgomp-1.dll is missing from my computer”

installing gimp 2.10 automaticaly uninstalled gimp 2.8 so i’m pretty annoyed about this, what can i do to fix this? should i go back to gimp 2.8 once again? what are the advantages of gimp 2.10 over gimp 2.8 anyway?

The actual error problem is:

libgomp-1.dll is missing

He’s running a 32-bit OS (Win7) on a 64-bit chip (Intel). @David_Tschumperle have any ideas?

@rich2005 is good at solving these issues.

after trying to install g’mic using the .zip again rather than the executable .exe it seems to have been succesfully installed, i don’t know what i did wrong the first time but it’s working now

thanks for the help

The G’MIC plug-in, compiled for GIMP 2.8 won’t work for GIMP 2.10 in any case (even if you fix the .dll issue), because the plug-in API has changed between these two major versions in GIMP.
I have personally gave up the idea of compiling G’MIC for 32bits systems, it was a bit cumbersome and very few are still using such systems.

So, unfortunately, the solution seems to be to recompile the plug-in by yourself, or find someone able to do so. I think Sylvie Alexandre ,aka @samj provides some binaries of GIMP and G’MIC for Win 32bits, at :

Maybe she could help.

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I tend to install G’MIC using the *.zip packages because I have more control over where the files go. Glad it works for you now. :slight_smile:

I did post a report about this on the gmic site, back in January.

The Windows installer version is broken
All the dlls get dumped in the Platforms folder. Therefore does not work.