integrate rawtheraphee with Photoshop..?

Hi guys,
i have been searching in google and youtube for some hours now but i cant find what im looking for so im hoping my best to get some help here.

I have downloaded Rawtherapee in purpose of chaning my photo files from ARW to JPG and then afterwards retouch it in Photoshop,
however, i see that it’s a feature that aloves me to “integrate” rawtherapee with Photoshop so i dont “need” to save the JPG file and open it up in PS, it will all be automatically, but i cant make it work…
as soon im done with the first steps of the retouch process in Rawtherapee and i klick to "edit current photo in a 3rd party program it wont work, i immediately get the error message " couldnt start 3rd party photo editing program.

i have tried to change the settings in Rawteraphee for the rights Adobe PS installation catalog and also in the custom way, either of them works…

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe Photoshop CS6 here is my PS installed…

Can someone please help me?

many thanks,

Yes, use GIMP !

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You have selected PS as your external editor, yes?


Why don’t you use Camera Raw?
And why editing a jpg (lossy) instead of tif (lossless)?
Just curious…


Not sure if Simon meant that. He can tell us. When I open PS from RT I get a TIFF.

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Hi, I had the same issue on Mac, and it was solved by using in Preferences, External Editor, in the Custom command line:
open -a “Adobe Photoshop CS6”

Maybe because the old version of ACR in Photoshop CS6 doesn’t support his new camera ?
But agree , the fastest and most flexible way is to work with ACR as smart object in Photoshop.

To my understanding GIMP has smart object on the roadmap. It would make it very fast, flexible and powerful …:grinning:

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@beckzfredriksson have you read this?

Please paste the full path to your Photoshop executable, and upload your options file.