Intention in Photography

So you have this idea for a photo, an idea so good it might even expand into a series or photo-book. An excuse to exercise your vision, talent and command of technology. But it needs consistency, conditions just so, planets aligned. And so it was when I ventured out to capture the last of the snow on Errigal (a local high point). Loading up the car conditions weren’t looking good - low cloud and drizzle. Indeed driving off I thought “hmm, conditions aren’t looking good”. This was the situation on the way to chosen photo spot

Might need to use your imagination but there is a mountain under that murk…
Pack it in and go home? Nah, here already. Lets see what we see. Landscapes are out, weathers just too bleagh. Need to pivot. I know, could practice my portraits. Need a theme. Weather suggests dark and moody. How about '50s Hollywood studio? Rural Ireland could pose a challenge but gotta play with what you got…


The second portrait is really nice. Well done.

I think the thing that the general population misses about making photos in a non-controled environment is the perseverance necessary to get what one wants. Lucky lucky if you show up once and get the shot, but it generally doesn’t work that way.