Interesting snippet I saw today...multispectral camera


Very cool…of course, we will still want to be crafting our images ourselves.

Interesting… I feel like @ggbutcher would be interested in that.

Would this kind of turn the usual colour science upside down, figuratively speaking?

I mean with 16 different wavelengths instead of just RGB - how will a matrix profile handle that!!
(I’m a bit clueless - might be missing the point!)

Definitely more accurate colors, relying less on the fill-in between the RGB peaks.

Things will still be distilled to RGB for the time being, no 16-channel image file format coming that I know of…

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TIFF can record 16 channels. More, but I don’t know the limit.

Ah, I’d forgotten that. I think so can OpenEXR.

Thing is, where are the displays and printers?

Some printers go beyond simple CMYK: “light magenta”, “dark yellow”, shades of gray and so on. I’m still waiting for a Prophoto monitor. I fear a long wait.

Oh no…photography meets my day job. My day job is flow cytometry where we use multispectral detection of fluorescence of particles/cells passing by a bank of lasers. A couple of years ago I acquired a full-spectrum analyser that would detect in 10-15nm increments of spectrum all way up to near infrared.

Now this camera sensor has me interested. They could expand its capabilities to see wavelengths slightly longer than UV all the way to infrared. We could then analyse images for infrared or analyse images to capture bioluminescence. We could put band pass filters onto the camera to limit it to specific regions of the spectrum. Hmm… this could be fun.


Some of this might have been done …googling multispectral smartphone brings up quite a wide variety of projects and research…