Interesting UI option I only just noticed

I’m sure this is in the manual somewhere possibly relating to shortcuts, but I can’t find the right words to search for it.

Anyway, in darkroom I have a keyboard shortcut allocated to “e” - when I hold down “e” and scroll the mouse wheel, exposure is increased/decreased in steps of 0.2Ev.

However, if I move the cursor onto the image, press and hold left mouse button THEN type “e” , I get the familiar “multi-function” exposure control window - floating over the image where the cursor was resting.

At least thats how it worked when I started writing this topic, now I just have to type “e” and the multi-function box appears

And this is very nice to have . . . but it would be good to find a reference explaining what is going on

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I believe this might be stuff that’s mentioned under the fallbacks section but ultimately this whole subject is so complex that it’s almost impossible to completely describe in the manual without overloading people with too much information.

This is as you say going to be rough to document. i have an install at work that doesn’t carry over any of my stuff. I just have it around for testing and neither of those are attached to the e key and there is no fall back it just says not assigned so the array of things people will end up with perhaps by accident messing around would be really hard to track…

IIRC fallbacks are disabled by default to simplify (a little) the out-of-the-box experience

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Its quite a nice feature to play with - I can use it to get the multifunction window with one key stroke or I can type e2 and set the exposure to 2Ev which is nice.

SImilarly if I assign “j” to global Chroma in colorbalanceRGB then j10 sets global chroma to 10%

Incidentally, all this works without enabling fallbacks.

I still don’t understand how most of this stuff works, and I wrote the user manual entry!


I should add that I am running 4.1

Ya there is some cool stuff you can also do virtual sliders with a key stroke by holding and dragging your mouse up or down or left or right across the screen…I bet the number of users that know how insanely many combinations are possible is quite low…

Using this ability to map things along with something like this is really cool…not sure I will ever invest but it looks cool…

I literally use shortcuts for less than a dozen things so it’s mostly wasted on me

I got myself a loupe deck plus some weeks ago, it is a huge improvement.

(looks hot over my x-touch mini)
Do you have to map each and every control, or is there a mapping-Something-file existing?

I did it once and will make that file available with some docs after AP has his new module running.


This e key does not work for me. So I presume it depends on some preference setting.

I assigned e+scroll to exposure (and it works) but left_click_hold+e over the image gives the ‘not assigned’ message as well. Nothing happens. dt 4.1.0+109~g4ea7e5d5c on Windows 11.

I think way back it was mapped to exposure…when the new shortcuts came to be many keys were cleared I think and so its up to the user to define things. I use for example a double press of rr to activate the rotate module then I can use right click levelling. For exposure I have taken to using the spot exposure set at 50% and just doing an auto exposure on the image and then perhaps on an area that should be about 50% . Then I tweak that if i need to … its an experiment but it seems to work not badly as a guess…

Ya I think that one came from some messing around its not any default that I am aware of…I have used the e and scroll when I remember :slight_smile:

That might convince me to buy one… and you a drink…


I guess I’m just lucky with my key assignments!

I only use a few shortcuts at the moment, but if I could work out how to do it, there are a few repetitive tasks I would love to set up.

Example: I set up a mask in local contrast on some part of the picture, for example the outline of a bird. I then set the feathering radius to 20px. I would like to reuse the mask and feathering in some other modules eg color balanceRGB - can I do this with a shortcut key?