Interlaced Footage


Hi all

New user to Natron.
Apologies if posted in wrong section.

My question as follows, I often have to touch up HD interlaced footage from a TV studio,
is Natron able to export interlaced footage, top field first?

I have tried several options and codecs but to no avail.

Any suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated.


(Mikhail) #2

Good Morning! My be this video will help you.


Hi Mikhail

Thank you for your response, however that is the exact opposite of what I need unfortunately.

What I am looking for is to re-interlace the footage to render and not de-interlace the footage being read by Natron.

(Frédéric Devernay) #4

serious compositing can only be done on progressive footage. Deinterlace on input to get progressive footage with twice the framerate (50i->100p) then do the compositing, and finally re-interlace. I would recommend de-interlacing and re-interlacing with ffmpeg, and using an intra-only intermediate codec (DNxHD or prores) or individual frames


Thank you Frédéric Devernay

It is what I do at the moment, 25i in ----> 50p.
I was hoping that on export I could re-interlace to save me an extra step of interlacing outside of Natron.