Internal audio recorder

Looking for an internal audio recorder for my and my mother’s mobile (android). Preferably FLOSS.

Use cases
– Send audio from other sources quickly. Her phone’s audio-to-speaker is quiet in some contexts, so rerecording would increase the volume. She also doesn’t know how to handle audio files.
– Archive voice messages. Our voice messages expire in 3 days, which isn’t good especially when the messages are important and we need to refer to them in the future (e.g., a month later).

I don’t know offhand of a FLOSS one, but I have used Tape-a-Talk in the past and it’s worked well for me.

This is available in F-Droid:

@elGordo Does it record sound that comes from the device? I could from speaker to mic but I cannot make out the voicemail, which is why I prefer being able to select internal recording as source.

@paperdigits I have it installed but don’t think it can record internal sound. Will try a variety of settings to see if I could make it work.

Do you mean intercept the sound before it reaches the speaker? That’s not something I’ve tried.

However, I just remembered a way that I was able to preserve some voice mails that I didn’t want to lose, using Skype and MP3 Skype Recorder. Call the voice mail number from Skype, and record the messages with MP3 Skype Recorder as you play them back. This solution would require Windows.

Audio recorder doesn’t do that from what I could tell.

I don’t have a paid Skype service.

Tried Audacity with an old male-to-male audio cable. Recording is sketchy (but better than speaker to mic on the mobile) and requires my laptop, so it isn’t a long term solution. Could invest in a better cable to reduce white noise and noise when I move it.

Check on F-Droid (or G-Droid - same repos, different client).

There is a call recorder by the same author as audio recorder but I have had trouble downloading it via F-Droid. Can anyone confirm?