Interpolation options

Hi. New to GIMP. Looking at one of the tutorials on scaling an image, and the Lanczos option is shown in the interpolation box. I’m familiar with this from other image editing packages, but the version of GIMP I have only has LINEAR, CUBIC, HALO & NOHALO. Have the Lanczos options been dropped, or do I need to enable them elsewhere?

Running on a Mac Gimp 2.10.36

If you have a PC, imo, your best bet is to us UpScayl (artificial intelligence; it’s free). Still gobsmacked at what it can do. As for GIMP interpretation, NoHalo option works but can be a bit blurred; Lanczos is good, too. If you install G’MIC, there’s several presets that are awesome. The one I like is (and used the most prior to UpScayl) is Upscale (Noise); gives great results (have to trust me on that). :slight_smile:

LoHalo and NoHalo are both Lanczos derivatives. For most purposes NoHalo is the best choice. IIRC LoHalo can be better when upscaling.

Tutorials showing Lanczos are from the Gimp 2.8 era or before and are fairly ancient by now. There may be better techniques and options in Gimp 2.10.