Interview questions

Ok, @Morgan_Hardwood bugged me about this on IRC recently, and it got me thinking about interviewing some of the amazing photographers hanging around here. The trouble is, I suck at interviewing people (see the old post on Faces of Open Source).

So, I figured I would ask folks most likely to actually read these things.

Could we please crowd-source some questions that folks might like to see asked of photographers that I can use as a template/guidance for actually conducting these interviews? What types of things would everyone like to know about? I would probably start generally, and then work to more specific types of questions based on the content/photography-style.

Any of these questions could be assumed to have follow-ups based on the answers (and flow of the conversation perhaps).



  • How long have you been shooting
  • How would you describe your style/photography (related to influences?)
  • Influences
  • Motivations (perhaps artistic statement/vision)
  • Why do you shoot _________? (why landscapes/people/dogs/still-life/etc).
    • What about [subject] draws you to it?
  • What is your (top 3? 5?) favorite photographs of your own?
    • What is your favorite [influence image]? (related to Influences)
  • Is there something outside of your comfort zone you wish you could try/shoot more of? What is it?
  • What is one piece of advice you would offer to another photographer?

other thoughts (slightly more specific):

  • Gear
  • Software
  • Workflow

Maybe pick out a few specific images that would be good showcase images and possibly discuss it in more depth. Or ask them to pick out their favorites.

I’m going to make this a wiki post so feel free to edit it, or to sound off in a response so I can extend this. Ideally I’d like to have a rough framework to follow that is built from what others might genuinely like to know about the interviewee.

(other thoughts)
Perhaps something about relations with other modern art forms, that might be a kind of less mimetic?

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Is there anything outside your comfort zone that you wish you could shoot more, and what is it?

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“If you could offer one piece of advice to other photographers, what would it be?”


What do you do with the photos you shoot?

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Do you do video as well? Does that inform your still photography and vice versa?

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Did you choose open source for pragmatic or idealistic reasons?