Interview with AP

In case you haven’t seen it, I’d like to share with you a link to an interview with AP.

It’s in german.


I don’t understand why this post would be flagged and hidden? Is it because the article it links to is in German? There are lots of German speakers here, and even for non-german speakers the article is accessible through online translation tools. The article is of general interest to the open source image processing community, and doesn’t contain anything inflammatory, so it seems a strange decision to censor this post.


I translated and scanned through it when the post first appeared. I didn’t find anything severe as what sometimes can be exchanged between posters. It clearly is an interview with AP and represents his point of view on certain topics and explains where he plans to focus going forward. If there are comments or counter points or people just want to read it I don’t have a problem with it.

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it was not censored. it was reviewed because of the past. so maybe chill.

I also was surprised that the post was flagged, so I asked about that and the reason was what @darix said.

I flagged it so I could talk with other mods about it. We talked and they thought it was fine. So now its unhidden.

No. We use English here because it seems to be the most common language. But we get posts in all.sorts of languages and nobody seems impeded by it.

It being in German means I couldn’t read it right away. But we have plenty of native German speakers here.

Its not censored. Its here now. Some times it takes time to review things and speak with others, because life happens, you know?


Interview is nicely written, without surprise, once we know Aurélien a bit.

Nice it is published in DE’s most or second most important Linux magazine.

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Glad it is back: for the inquisitive. Clearly people are interested in what AP has to say. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not being able to understand German can someone please briefly explain what we can hope of AP in the future? He has been a significant developer in DT and I hope he continues to contribute to the main project as well as his fork.

Google translate does a decent job:


I used DeepL translate… don’t like Google :stuck_out_tongue: Basically what I took away was that he intends to work on vkdt in the future while still fixing bugs and doing smaller jobs with darktable. I think he said he has a couple of new dt bits lined up already as well. Don’t quote me though - probably missed something. I found his outlook/philosophy kind of interesting too…

Just right click and translate…its basically a perfect conversion to english…

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Nice article. It gives a good overview of Aurélien contributions in the development of darktable and his sometimes unusual view on things :wink:.
Thanks also to Anna for the interview :+1:.


This was “our” Anna aka @betazoid? :blush:

Sorry if boon-Q

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I don’t understand this section from near the end of the English translation -

“I’m not trying to convert people to Linux and Darktable. In my opinion, this is most likely to work for photographers who like to take analogue photos or who have not really made the switch to digital photography.”

I take that to say that people currently using film will benefit most (or at least a lot) from amongst those switching to linux & dt. Yet if you’re using film then processing in dt, you miss out on the scene-referred processing, which is the main thing AP has introduced into dt.

I’m curious how others interpret this.

The scene referred stuff works the same way as film does, halves and doubles. It is modeled after the physical response of film. So if you deeply understand the way film works, then you probably won’t have a much trouble adapting to this tooling than those who learned about jpeg tone curves and lab editing.


As being a German, I think the machine translation is not good hence your interpretation.

It starts with “bekehren”. Yes, you can translate it with convert, and likely a perfect word. But us, the tech-geeks, we get that technically however it was meant “to win somebody over to something”.

Free translation of next and related sentence:
… if you would still try, you could convince former ‘film-fotographers’ more easily…

Again, that is very free translated to be closer to the meaning (or my interpretation thereof)

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I assume the interview was done in French or English. So this paragraph was already translated once to German. :slight_smile:

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