Into wet moss...

Instead of planning a shot, sometimes it can be great fun to just fire away, then go back to the computer and see whether something of interest can be made from the captures.
Like this ant, caught in a piece of wet moss in the garden.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


That sharpened moisture looks hazardous to the touch like acid; might burn a hole through my skin. :hot_face:

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Nice shot @Claes, but it looks a little over-sharpened and and the highlights seemed to be a little bit overexposed. A slightly gentler approach would be more pleasant, I think. :wink:

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I think it is supposed to be like that

@betazoid: Genau!
That is exactly right.
Why else would I publish a shot in the Showcase compartment?

I began with photo/development in an era when lenses lacked contrast and the only focus settings were Head|Group|Mountain.

These days, I am absolutely fascinated with all possibilities to develop a shot. During last week, I watched so many tutorials that my head spin – and I have learnt very many useful methods. Yes, I am a tech freak, loving to see how much more oompf I can induce in a shot – and it really is great fun!

Here, below, I bravely publish a point-and-shoot-camera shot from behind our letterbox. I consider that development the best I have ever made. So far. I am still eager to learn.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


Me and my baseless jokes…

I thought it was only me who took shots like this, then spent ages processing and processing.
Always trying to improve.
I would be proud of this effort :+1: