Introducing the filmic module in darktable

(Aurélien Pierre) #62

That’s a good idea. Too late for 2.6, but a good idea nonetheless.

(darix) #63
  1. How much work would it be to do it now?
  2. can we introduce it later without breaking things?

(Aurélien Pierre) #64
  1. less than 1 h
  2. it’s just a UI link between 3 sliders, so yes, the parameters won’t change.

(darix) #65

so do it now?

(ph. weyland) #66

Thinking more about it, no special mode is needed.

  1. When grey value is changed black and white values should always be recalculated accordingly (As a matter of fact their old values are always meaningless, because referring to the previous grey value).
  2. Black and white can be adjusted individually as of now.

(ph. weyland) #67

I’ve made the change on my local copy.
I can confirm that once black and white points are set the grey slider balances nicely the image.
EDIT: I’ve made a pull request in case you wanted to validate the change.

(ph. weyland) #68

I do not work on HDR images, but sometimes I have images where histogram is on the edges letting the middle part a bit lost somehow, even with contrast lowered to 1.
I was wondering if it could be interesting to have contrast values below 1, a kind of global tone mapping somehow…

(Aurélien Pierre) #69

Having contrast < 1 (that is, the slope of the curve) has no justification since the input has already been lifted greatly by the log. Besides, it has 90 % of chances to make the splines go crazy (overshoot and cusps).

New filmic module, doubt
darktable 2.6.0rc0 released

Finally got to try filmic. Found the shaper section to be enough for my purposes. auto tune didn’t perform well, but I think it was mentioned that it doesn’t perform under certain conditions.

I found myself using the dropper tool only for middle grey and then sliders for the white and black. Oftentimes, going to toggle the dropper would accidentally move the slider to its extreme right because the padding between the slider and dropper is negligible. Unsure if anything could be done about that.