Inverting a raw file with a script

First off, new here so apologies if this is the wrong place.

I’m a film photographer who uses a DSLR to digitize his negatives. I’ve tried using all kinds of software (LR, C1, PS) to do this but the fatal flaw is having to invert curves and find all your sliders working backwards. Negative Lab Pro (a lovely plugin) has made life a bit easier but one still has to export a TIFF to do any further edits.

Is there any way to manually edit a DNG file so as to end up to a 1:1 inversion that still reads as a DNG by raw processors? I have limited experience programming (arduinos and python scripts) and was hoping this is something I might be able to cook up myself. Am I way over my head?

RawTherapee has a dedicated negative inversion tool in the latest version. Have you given that a try?

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Yup. darktable also has a dedicated invert module, but I’ve found it MUCH more difficult to use (extremely hard to get the “film color” exactly correct, leading to artifacts similar to incorrect black level for “normal” raw images) than RT’s film negative inversion.