iPhone DNG files

Running darktable 3.6 and trying to open RAW iPhone images. darktable error says the source file isn’t available then crashes program. Manual says DNG files are supported but am I missing something?

yes, iphone DNG files are not yet supported.

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@johnny-bit thank you :pray:

Read through that string @ gethub. Is this a closed topic, or is there something I can do? #9725 is exactly what I was looking for. Can supply files if this is what’s needed?

Nothing to do but be patient, sample files are already there on raw.pixls.us

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Issue #7587 is still open.

As for samples/help - Not really I think… If there are samples from your phone on raw.pixls.us then it’s “in the works” and you just have to be patient… Unless you’re experienced with C++ and can contribute to rawspeed with code good enough to be accepted by rawspeed maintainer :slight_smile:

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If you are in a hurry, Adobe DNG Converter could be a workaround.

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I may be wrong, but “regular” (non ProRaw) dng from iPhone (those captures with third-party camera apps, like Halide) are supported under darktable.

Just try open these samples here (a little bit old, from 2016, but I think it is still true with new iPhones) : http://4fprvb2w3qy51p57k1ex9wef-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/iphone7_plus_rwr_fro_dng.zip

But yes, it seems that so called “ProRaw” dng files, captured with the iPhone 12 pro/pro max regular camera apps cannot be open for the moment.

See this bug report: Apple iPhone 12 Pro camera support · Issue #7578 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub

But I think (again, I may be wrong) that pro-Raw dng files can be edited with RawTherapee.

If you have other info, please share!


@apostel338 that’s exactly what I ended up using with good success! Thanks for the suggestion.

@mlaverdiere yes it’s the iPhone12 which files aren’t working for the time being.

This isn’t something I’d normally do but since the device has the RAW option thought I’d see how it works? It’s staggering to think about all the things a silly phone can do today but still love the DSLR