IPOL and Getreuer's code

The IPOL Journal has been around since 2009. It is one of my first exposures to processing. This may fit into my never ending G’MIC exercises thread but I have decided to make a new one, just as I did for Kovesi’s functions, in case you missed that one.

The great thing about IPOL is that every paper (article or preprint) is categorized and comes with a demo and an archive of code. Start with Getreuer’s because his is all in one place (or maybe not since it goes up to 2013 only).

Pascal Getreuer's IPOL Software

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ATM, I am examining A Survey of Gaussian Convolution Algorithms. The lack of code and math fluency is limiting my ability to translate the code into G’MIC or more abstract terms. If you would like to join me in this exercise, that would be super. I will ping @garagecoder since he is my go-to exercise buddy.

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To be fair, it is frequently difficult to understand others code when it’s convoluted. I haven’t mastered gmic processing language just yet.

I think the (pseudo-)code is clear. It is just a matter of implementation; hence, why I call it an exercise.