Is GIMP going to be signed by a known developer?

When I tried to install GIMP 2.99.18, macOS warned me it was downloaded from the internet. When I checked System Settings, Privace & Security, it told me that GIMP 2.99.18 wasn’t signed by a known developer.

How to create a C or C++ plugin that will work on MacOS and workarounds seems to imply that GIMP is supposed to be signed.

Why isn’t macOS recognizing GIMP as being signed? Is this a choice on the part of GIMP developers or is it a bug?

AFAIK this is because to be “known” there is a registration process which isn’t compatible with open-source software (plus you probably have to pay for it).

So this is more like a choice on the part of Apple to make it difficult to put open-source software on its machines.

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Signed apps requires an Apple developer account (~99usd year), has nothing to do with open source or not.

No they do not.

Yes they do!
Apple takes 30% on the sales on its Apple store, 30% of a free app is zero income.
And knowing that most of FLOSS software don’t have money (and are FREE), because Apple wants to make money via its Apple store, giving, hosting, distributing free software using their bandwidth when downloaded is not in the interest of Apple, thus they found a way to LIMIT free software in their store to not concurrence paying software >> make people pay USD 99 to get a dev account to be able to get a “signed” app.
BTW, I did not find true “free” app on the Apple store, all pseudo “Free” are all “in-app-purchase”

So, the tinfoil hat is on I see.

Signing an app has nothing to do with the app store. Putting an app on the store is a choice a developer can take if they want.

As do any other store, don’t see the problem. Has nothing do to with OSS.

Yes, and? Every app store allows free apps. They offset the costs with paid apps.

Ok, if you say so (I found many).

Oh I see too… already an Argumentum ad hominem

So it means you have nothing to support properly what you were saying?
I ask, because it’s typically the type of sentence that people throws when they have nothing in their hands and try to deviate their lack of clues by trying to make others look like a fool.

In order to upload apps to the app store you need a paid developer account.
Apple developer account is free. But you have to sign-up for a $99 USD/yearly membership. If you want to distribute your app to the app store. Sadly, you have to pay $99 USD every year.
Here > Can I get a free apple developer c… | Apple Developer Forums

See… you are speaking of the other stores, were we speaking about just Apple or Apple + Microsoft + Android and whatnot?
Are you trying to deviate this conversation to something else?

By the way, GIMP is on the Microsoft store… for free!

Even better Microsoft helped the GIMP team!

Here is the thread > if you have any doubts.

And you did not provide not even a single link? I mean if it was me I would have given 10 links about “photo editor” or “free photoshop alternative”…

Anyway, please have a great day.

As far I know, GIMP is on MacOS X lacks an Apple Developer ID signature (Gatekeeper) (#946) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

And notarized: [HOLD] GIMP/OSX - attempt to pass notarization (#2) · Issues · Infrastructure / gimp-macos-build · GitLab