Is gimp-separate plugin working in 2.10?

(Mica) #21

There was/is a flatpak of 2.8, but not with separate+, though you should be able to add seperate+ as a plugin.

(Alex Prokoudine) #22

Hey @prokoudine, is there any thing in the short term planned to have separate or a similiar alternative? We have downgraded to 2.8 for now.

What needs to happen is that the separate+ code (or, rather, separate- code – the simplified version of the whole thing) has to be merged into respective TIFF and JPEG plugins of GIMP. So far noone has volunteered to do this.

See for details.


It is possible, decomposing and using separate+ see: 3 minutes

However. It is not worth the effort. You need to see any changes and at the moment Krita can be used.

Lack of CMYK is still used as a reason to knock gimp.

In the 86 (largely irrelevant) comments here:

but as Prokoudine comments, needs one of you clever guys to write some code.

(Thomas Johansen) #24

Been using CMYKtool for ages, but on my Win10 I cant make it work.

but just found:

Cyan Prepress

It can only export to tiff, but thats workable for me when using Scribus as DTP.

Though you have to install some cmyk icc profiles, which you can google β€œadobe icc profile end user”